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These are some of my favorites among the spaces I organized and/or styled: from decluttering to flower arrangements, I can do it all!

Home Styling

Do you want to sells faster and for a higher price? Let me help you make your home look like a million bucks, without spending a fortune.

STYLING: Modern table, set up to look more appealing to potential buyers STYLING: Outdoor Christmas Decor STYLING: Colorful office bookcase STYLING: Modern romantic bedroom corner STYLING: SPA look for the master bath STYLING: Fun accessories in a home office STYLING: Artsy display of books STYLING: A young boy room fit for a JEDI STYLING: Bedroom booksheves display STYLING: Setting an inviting table STYLING: Outdoor oasis


I understand the added stress that a messy house brings since I am a recovering "clutterholic". Let me help you fix that.

ORGANIZING: Tidying up a messy fridge ORGANIZING: Tidying up a messy freezer ORGANIZING: A tidy boy room ORGANIZING: A tidy boy closet ORGANIZING: You can find everything in this linen closet ORGANIZING: Organizing a home office closet ORGANIZING: A tidy kitchen is easier to clean ORGANIZING: A fun dish drying station ORGANIZING: Spices in easy reach ORGANIZING: I can see the shelves in this closet ORGANIZING: a guest-ready closet, with plenty of storage

Flower Arrangement

Let me arrange your flowers or plants cuttings at a fraction of the cost of a florist.

ARRANGEMENTS: Christmas arrangement with grocery store flowers ARRANGEMENTS: tropical flowers, ikebana style ARRANGEMENTS: tropical flowers, ikebana style ARRANGEMENTS: Modern arrangement for tropical flowers ARRANGEMENTS: Asymmetrical composition ARRANGEMENTS: A modern take on roses and lilies ARRANGEMENTS: A modern take on roses and lilies ARRANGEMENTS: Graecina flower arrangement ARRANGEMENTS: Velentine's Day succulents ARRANGEMENTS: Living succulents pumpkins for Halloween ARRANGEMENTS: Grocery store flowers looking fancy


I will make your home magazine-worthy by taking care of even the smallest detail, including accessories and flower compositions.

ACCESSORIES: A window sill worth of a Jedi ACCESSORIES: A woven basket to hide an ugly thermostat ACCESSORIES: Graecina flower arrangement ACCESSORIES: A living succulent wreath ACCESSORIES: Bringing the beach inside in a jar ACCESSORIES: A classy corded phone ACCESSORIES: Living succulents pumpkins for Halloween ACCESSORIES: This composition is a hoot ACCESSORIES: Orchids and birds of paradise arrangement ACCESSORIES: A unique round magazine rack